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Between Lessons

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Flute lessons for young kids can be a rewarding experience!
Flute lessons for young kids can be a rewarding experience!

You love music, you're bringing your kids to their lessons every week, but you're a bit lost when it comes to helping them explore between sessions? Here are some ideas to help!

1. Listen, listen, listen.

Make up a flute playlist. Listen together while you do homework/make dinner/travel to school/before bedtime/during breakfast.

This really is incredibly important; can you imagine learning to speak without ever having heard your language? Music is the same way - listen to great players and their musical "accent" will become an effortless part of your child's musical voice. Find flute players of any genre; what makes one sound different from another?

2. Watch high quality YouTube videos.

There are masterclasses, how-to videos (some better than others!) and performances galore.

3. Explore different styles of music together.

Just because you're studying Classical music doesn't mean you can't learn how to beatbox or enjoy the bansuri or dizi.

4. Find rhythm in everyday life.

Walking to the store? Count off your steps in 4s. Subdivide each step into 2 parts. Then 3. Then 4. Then 5! 6!

Using syllables can help - Ta/Ti-Ti/Tri-o-la/Tika-Tika/University/Mesopotamia!

7. Read

Find books about music at the library. Use them as bedtime stories to learn about the instruments, the music, the people in the music.

6. Sing!

Anything. Sing together. Their lesson pieces, their favourite songs, your favourite songs from when you were a kid, things you hear on the radio - it's all great.

7. Use Music Apps

There are a lot of amazing apps out there designed to help you learn the building blocks of music theory, notation, ear training and more. One of my students' favourites is Flashnote Derby - check out our review here!

Have other ideas? Please share!


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