I look forward to my lessons every week, and I wouldn't miss one for the world. You really made a HUGE impact on my life ... our lessons really changed my perspective on things and really helped build my sense of self-worth. I honestly can't imagine a better or more fitting person to have taught me over the years. I wouldn't trade you for anyone else.

AM, Student



30-minute weekly or twice-weekly lessons for beginner students of any age. 


Suitable for students just starting/getting back into flute, playing for fun or preparing for exams up to RCM level 2. 


45-minute weekly lessons for intermediate students ages 8 & up.   

Suitable for students who are getting more serious about flute playing, those who are preparing for RCM exam levels 3-5 and for ensemble auditions.


60- or 90-minute weekly lessons for advanced students ages 12 & up.

Suitable for students who are serious about flute playing, those who are preparing for RCM exam levels 6 & up or those preparing for university or ensemble auditions.


30, 45 or 60-minute lessons for students of all ages and levels who want to learn to play Irish traditional music.


Students can use a regular silver flute, a wooden flute in D or a D-whistle for their lessons. 

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