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Feisty Flutes

The Feisty Flutes ensembles meet in Halifax, NS and are open to flutists of all backgrounds.  

Current ensembles:

Tiny Toots for students ages 5 - 8

Youth Ensemble for middle school and high school students

Dust Off the Rust beginner / re-entry all-ages community group 

Chamber Group advanced all-ages community ensemble.


Rehearsals focus on making beautiful music, improving flute skills and building community.

The groups are not auditioned; if you are unsure which would be the best fit for you, email Amy with some details about your playing experience and we'll suggest one to try. 

Next up: Feisty Flutes, South Shore Edition!

Are you living on the South Shore?  You could be part of our newest Feisty Flutes group!

To get your name on the list for our next session or to ask for more details, send Amy an email.

I love playing in the Feisty Flutes! We have so much fun and it's great being in a group where we can work on things that are specific to flute players.

Anna, student

Tiny Toots

Director & Support


Amy O'Neill has been teaching, performing and running flute ensembles for close to three decades. After noticing that many flute players were struggling because the instrument is so unique, she wanted to give them the opportunity to learn and grow in an all-flutes setting where it would be possible to devote more time to their very specific needs.  And thus the Feisty Flutes were born! 


With multiple groups for tiny beginners (Feisty Flutes: Tiny Toots), school-aged students (Feisty Flutes Youth Ensemble) and both working and retired adults (Feisty Flutes: Dust off the Rust & Chamber Groups), one day we hope to have worked with every flutist in Nova Scotia!


The Feisty Flutes operate under the Boxwood Festival Society umbrella.  We are grateful to be a part of this organization, and for the use of the amazing Boxwood Guo bass flute!

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