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Tiny Toots

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Flute classes especially for tiny kids!

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After seeing how excited young children become about the flute, we designed a play-based course just for them.  Our Tiny Toots learn through playing!

Working with mini starter flutes specifically created for small children, students get a head start on their musical journey through singing, playing games and learning their very first flute songs.

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Whether we meow, bark and roar our way through today's rhythms, plant musical flowers to learn how to recognize notes on the staff, or follow the witch up, up, up on her broom as we learn to move between low and high notes, our kids have so much fun they don't want to go home!

Classes are open to children 5 - 8 years old, with new sessions starting through the term.

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Tiny Toots Level 1

Level 1 classes use materials especially designed to give younger children a head start on playing. From the mini flutes that are lighter and easier for small hands to hold to the teaching tools we use to help them make their first flute sounds, every part of our classes is adapted to suit tiny kids!

In Level 1, students learn how to make their first sounds, play their first notes and learn their first songs.  They also learn to decode the basics of rhythm and music notation, all through games and fun!

Tiny Toots Level 2

Graduating to silver flutes for Level 2, our students learn to navigate around the full flute with its extra keys and notes.


In this level, the students learn to play more advanced pieces and expand on their knowledge of rhythm and music notation - all, of course, through fun games!

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Tell us a little about yourself and your child and we'll find a class that fits!




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