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building flute skills

The Feisty Flutes Boot Camps are open to flute players of all ages and all skill levels.

In these workshop sessions, you’ll get strategies for cracking the flute code.  Each session has a different focus, from how to play high notes softly and with control to strategies for mastering difficult technical passages.  


We work through different approaches to tackling these flute problems together in the session; participants are encouraged to bring a flute and questions are encouraged!

A little time at the end of each Boot Camp is set aside to play fun flute music together.  Music can be requested in advance, if desired.


Sessions take place in Halifax, NS.

Email Amy to request the dates for the next

Feisty Flutes Boot Camp!

Feisty Flutes

Play Days!


Play Days: where everyone can come play flute for fun!

Our flute play days are musical sessions that get flute players from across Nova Scotia together to play music in a non-competitive, non-performance setting.  A chance for kids to make friends, make music, and do flutey things together!  


The focus of each session is on reading through new music together and having fun. The music is handed out to the students ahead of time so they can look over the parts and decide which ones they would like to play.  


Music is arranged for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, so everyone at every level is welcome!  


Parents and siblings are welcome to come listen. We request that any students under age 7 have an adult close by for the length of the session.


The sessions happen in central Halifax, run 1.5 hours and cost $15/adults, $10/students.  


Included in the cost is your registration, music and venue rental costs.  

You should bring your own flute, the music we send you and a music stand.  


Registration is limited, so spots will be held only upon receipt of completed registration form and the registration fee.  There are no refunds on cancelled registrations.

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