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Small student plays the flute Young flute student

Small student plays the flute

our students start as young as 5 years old!

Through years of experience working with children age 5 & up, we have developed play-based lessons that can give your young son or daughter a fun start on the flute!

Students learn to both play by ear and to read music at an age-appropriate pace, all in an exciting, game-rich atmosphere.

do i need to buy a flute?

We have special instruments for small kids available to rent, so you don't have to invest in one of your own before you decide if you want to stick with it long-term.  Our instruments are specifically modified for little hands and shorter arms so our students are as comfortable as possible while they learn.  Our smaller students play on flutes which are much lighter and have curved headjoints to make the reach for young arms easier.

can my younger child learn on an Irish flute?
Yes!  We have scaled-down Irish flutes available to rent so you don't have buy an instrument that your son or daughter will outgrow too quickly.  Our small Irish flutes are handcrafted for little hands and shorter arms so our students are as comfortable as possible while they learn and grow.

when are lessons and what does it cost?

Lessons are offered weekdays at a time that works best for you and your teacher.  Fees are based on the length of lesson, which varies depending on student age and level.  Please email the Studio to discuss the best fit for your child.

    what do
your current students have to say? 
We would love to tell you!  Click here to read about the experiences our families have had in our Studio.  

    can we come and try it out?
Absolutely!  Email Amy at to set up an introductory lesson or ask any questions you may have.